Powder Coating

The perfect color, step by step

Powder coating guarantees considerably shorter application and drying times. Decreasing job runtime will increase efficiency and reduce production costs, while ensuring a uniform finish and superior quality.


All parts are subjected to a pre-treatment to degrease and clean the surface. A phosphatizer is applied to protect against corrosion and increase paint adhesion. This is followed by drying at a temperature that varies depending on the item.


The parts are transported to the paint booth, where the thermosetting powder paint is sprayed. The paint adheres to the pieces due to static electricity, ensuring that all details are completely covered. 


After painting with thermosetting powder, the pieces are subjected to high temperatures - 160ºC, 180ºC or 200ºC - according to their characteristics and the type of paint used. This step - usually called curing - induces the polymerization process that gives the desired final appearance: smooth, coarse textured, fine textured, matte, shiny, etc.


The quality of the final result is checked by our employees before each piece is carefully packed. This phase is important to prevent the occurrence of scratches or dents in the transport process. Depending on the project, the parts will then go to our assembly line or directly to the customer.

We partner with the best manufacturers to ensure your work will be perfect!

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Interpon® coatings from AKZONOBEL® are the world leaders in the metalworking sector.

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AXALTA® Alesta® products stand out for their excellence in industrial applications.

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CIN® products are a reference in the Iberian market for the quality and diversity of their offer.