Where craftsmanship meets technology

The portuguese metalworking industry is famous for the high quality of its craftsmanship. The northern region of Portugal, known for being the country's industrial hub, is the cradle of the most qualified workers and efficient technologies.

Robotic welding

Our priority is to provide maximum quality to our customers, in short lead times. Thanks to our FANUC® ARC Mate 100 robot equiped with a FRONIUS TPS 400i welding system we are able to respond to the most complex designs meeting the tightest deadlines. It allows for outstanding accuracy and productivity in batch-sized production of parts and components for industrial equipments.

Manual welding

At V LASER ON we pride ourselves of bringing together a very experienced team of welders with the know how to manufacture even the most complex mechanically welded assemblies. That includes aluminum welding with a remarkable degree of perfection. 

If your project requires perfection down to the smallest detail, we are the right team for you.